Barbados is a dream island, ringed by 70 square miles of beaches. Low hills run down the middle of the island; on the east side cooling Atlantic trade winds whisper across the higher grounds which are still home to thriving sugar plantations.

After nearly 400 years of British influence, the people have a natural affinity with the English way of life and that, of course, includes cricket, which is the national sport. English is the official language, and Barbados' British legacy is a secure, politically stable and genteel society. You'll find yourself made welcome by people who are well educated, self-assured, open and friendly.

The island boasts a seemingly unlimited selection of fine dining and local cuisine, a spectacular choice of beaches to suit all preferences, World Class golf courses and the warmest welcome in the Caribbean.

Barbados is a food lovers Heaven. Here are just some of our favourite restaurants and bars. Listed in alphabetical order for ease of reference with a few personal comments and opinions: however as dining is a very personal experience please accept the opinions in the good spirit that they are offered. The telephone numbers are local Barbados numbers, if dialling internationally please add the international dialling code 001 246.

1359 Port Ferdinand, Spicetown 272 2020

Apes Hill Golf Club 419 4653 Spectacular Views

Atlantis Hote, East Coast 433 7180

Animal Flower Cave, North Point 439 8797

Beach House (The), Holetown, 432 1163, lunch or dinner

Bombas Bar & Grill 236 7750

Cafe Indigo 432 0968

Cafe Luna 428 6172

Carizma on the Hill, Sugar hill, 422 8134

Champers Restaurant, Accra Beach, 435 6644 Definately worth a visit lunch or dinner

Cin Cin, Prospect Bay, tel 424 4557, Definitely worth a visit (the outside terrace is a beautiful setting, the inside is air conditioned)

Cliff (The), Derricks, 432 1933, WOW factor location, excellent food (ask for the lower terrace)

Cliff Beach Club, sister of The Cliff, 422 2335, Great location, atmosphere and food lunchtime or dinner

Daphne's, Paynes Bay, tel 432 2731, Great for lunch or dinner

David's Place, St Lawrence Main Road, tel 435 9755, Quite a trek but worth the drive

Fish Pot, Little Good Harbour, 439 2604, Great for lunch or dinner

Fusion Rooftop, Lime Grove, Holetown, 271 1258

House Hote (The) 432 1332

Ju Ju's Beach Bar, 422 5333

Jumas Retaurant, 432 0232

Little Bristol, Spicetown, 439 1592, great beach bar, great vibes, great beach

Lobster Alive, Wesley House, tel 435 0305, definitely worth a visit if you like Lobster and Jazz

Lobster Pot, Spicetown, 432 0287

Lone Star (The), St James, 419 0599 Great up market beach bar, beach were acceptable for lunch, more elegant for dinner

Mews (The), 2nd Street, Holetown, 432 1122, good food lively music

Mullins Beach Bar, (our beach rights), 422 2044, great anytime of the day, lunch only but live music some nights

Orange Street Grocer, Spicetown, 419 0838, Great Pizza

Palm Terrace, Fairmont Royal Pavilion, 422 5555, elegant dining, beautiful location

Port St Charles Yacht Club, Spicetown, 419 1000 

Santi, 256 1261

Spago Restaurant & Bar, 2nd Street, Holetown, 432 2248, really good pizza and Italian

Sitar Restaurant, 2nd Street, Holetown, 432 2248, reputedly the best Indian Restauarnt on the island

Tapas, South Coast, 228 0704

Tides (The), Holetown, 432 8356, my personal favorite, awesome dining experience, never disappointed

Yacht Club (The), Port St Charles, 419 2000, excellent food, great portside surroundings

Zaccios Restaunt, Holetown, 432 0134, good food beachside bar.